Windswept Bonsai Juniper – 3 Pack Bonsai Juniper Outdoor Tree


Height:  5 – 8 inches (from Table)

Spread:  6 – 10 inches

Pot Size: 4″ Plastic Pot

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Windswept Bonsai Juniper – 3 Pack Bonsai Juniper Outdoor Tree

This Windswept Bonsai Juniper Pre-Bonsai Kit is one in every of our maximum famous product and a great trio of outside bushes to mildew into Masterpieces. The simplest factor preserving you lower back is your imagination.

Typically, a windswept bonsai might be an evergreen.

A bonsai with inside the windswept fashion represents a completely not unusual place prevalence in nature. If you’ve got ever been with inside the mountains, for example, or on cliffs via way of means of the sea, wherein triumphing winds lash on the timber, you may have visible how they react to such stress.

Usually they may be stunted, due to the fact they are not developing below best conditions! Almost all branches develop far far from the wind, sheltered via way of means of the trunk itself, and most effective the most powerful timber survive.

Choosing the right Windswept Bonsai Juniper outdoor tree

Typically, a windswept bonsai can be an evergreen. It is hard to create the equal impact with deciduous timber, because the leaves will face in all directions, so will now no longer appearance convincing. Try the use of a juniper, which regularly grows beneath neath those conditions.

In a few locations it may be feasible to dig one from a place that created the hardship, and the ensuing appearance, we want. The fine time to dig up local timber is in spring, simply earlier than new boom starts. It may be a strenuous activity to dig up as a number of the roots as feasible, wrap properly in damp material to save you the roots from drying, and regularly convey a few distances, however it makes the ensuing bonsai even extra special.

how to care juniper windswept bonsai,

Usually a plant this is dug up from its local environment is grown with inside the lawn or a massive pot for a year, to make sure the basis device is wholesome earlier than any pruning is done.

Windswept bonsai are typically planted in the direction of one aspect of a shallow oval pot, in order that the foliage extends into the gap on the alternative aspect. They want a sturdy helping root at the ‘windy’ aspect and a heavy buttress root at the foliage aspect, to keep away from performing as though they may be approximately to fall out of the pot.

Often a rock is used with inside the area of the soil to emphasize the rugged panorama in which this tree grows. If we consider bonsai as a miniature replica of a vintage tree, then a windswept bonsai is a tiny model of a survivor – a difficult tree that ‘beat the odds’ and took something that nature gave it and nonetheless maintained a dignity that we will admire.

It isn’t always a smooth fashion to create, however one which everybody who loves the rugged exterior can appreciate.


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