Pyracantha Berries Bonsai Tree – Buy Tall Firethorn Flower


Pyracantha Berry Jelly Bonsai Tree Recipes  Statistics 

  • The Bonsai is 20.25″ tall, measured from the table to the top of tree. The spread is 20.25″.
  • This tree ships in a 11″ Ceramic Pot.
  • Pictures taken October 7, 2021
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Pyracantha Berries Bonsai Tree – Tall Firethorn Flower

The Red Pyracantha Berries Bonsai Tree is an is an incredibly eye-catching hedge throughout the year. In May, scarlet firethorn flowers ‘Red Column’ is blooming with bee-friendly flowers and lush green foliage, before giving way to its glossy red berries when the weather starts to get colder. Pyracantha’s berries make it a great source of food for wildlife, such as birds, who will also nest within the hedge’s dense, prickly cover.

We have many lovely Pyracantha Berries Bonsai Tree available. Take a moment to stop by the store to see them.

The Dwarf Prashanth is an Asian evergreen that has small, brilliant inexperienced leaves and clusters of first-rate purple berries which are sour whilst uncooked however may be cooked into scrumptious jams, jellies and marmalade. The Pyracantha has additionally been called “The Firethorn” and it’s berries are often used for a pop of colour in Christmas wreaths.

The Pyracantha blooms in April with starry-white plants and berries from September via December. These Bonsai have to be stored outdoor all yr spherical and that they in reality loves sunlight. This Dwarf Pyracantha Bonsai is a superb, lavish and suitable extra to any collection.


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