Philodendron Paraiso Verde for Sale


The philodendron paraiso verde.

  • Type – Philodendron
  • Plant stage – Adolescent
  • Flowering – No
  • Pot size – 19′
  • Medium – Sphagnum
  • Temperature – (°C) (16.5 – 24.5°C), (24.5 >°C)
  • Light intensity – Daylight to bright light
  • Humidity – (%) 40 – 80

arrestos en los verdes el paraiso

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Philodendron Paraiso Verde for Sale

The philodendron paraiso verde, are perfect to the common room so long as you offer organization guide for the stems. The mountain climbing Philodendrons produce aerial roots from the stems. Most of the non-climbers are able to developing into giant flowers with big, deeply lobed leaves.

These are extra perfect to homes with big open spaces. Average wamth is required, now no longer much less than 55F in winter. ‘Paraiso Verde’ (which interprets as ‘Green Paradise’) is a mountain climbing philodendren which has elongated lobed leaves with a marbled variegation.

  • This plant grows and flowers very easily in the living room.
  • This plant has very pretty spotted leaves.
  • This plant is very suitable for creating a better climate for orchids.
  • This plant requires little attention.
  • This plant purifies the air.