X-Large Philodendron Billietiae
X-Large Philodendron Billietiae
Philodendron Billietiae
Philodendron Billietiae plant
Large Philodendron Billietiae
Buy-Large Philodendron Billietiae

Philodendron Billietiae For Sale – X-Large Philodendron


Philodendron Billietiae is a famous Aroid and a real eye-catcher with its shiny orange petioles! Its inexperienced leaves are lengthy and slender with wavy edges and cute, distinguished lobes or ‘ears’. This beautiful tropical plant may be very easygoing, so it’s far a really perfect for amateur Aroid collectors! Philodendron Billietiae is local to Brazil, Guyana, and French Guiana, wherein it climbs up bushes withinside the rainforest. Asa climber, this plant appreciates a help pole because it grows. In turn, it’ll praise you with larger leaves and sturdy aerial roots. The leaves of Philodendron Billietiae can attain nearly a meter in duration whilst mature, so it’ll develop into a real declaration plant on your home!

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Philodendron Billietiae Variegated

The leaves of this philodendron variety genuinely placed on an thrilling display, particularly while the plant is permitted to climb on a pole or different structure. Arrow-formed with orange petioles and green coloration, those leaves can attain three ft if the plant grows in its natural habitat.

If Philodendron Billietiae stuck your eye, you’re in for a treat — this variety needs little care and attention. That said, it does require which you recreate the environmental situations it’s used to in its natural habitat.

My Philodendron Billietiae plant care recommendations down will assist you attain simply that.Buy-Large Philodendron Billietiae

Size & Growth of Variegated Philodendron Billietiae

The plant itself doesn’t normally develop better than three feet and wider than 8 inches. A moss pole will preserve it from tipping over and maintain its upward increase. With its growth supported, the plant can dazzle you with its massive leaves.

Light Requirements – Philodendron Billietiae For Sale

Your philodendron billietiae doesn’t want any direct daylight. Bright, oblique mild can be best, much like in its natural habitat, wherein the plant is shaded from the direct rays of the solar with the aid of using bushes nearby.

If you go away your philodendron plant out withinside the solar, its leaves turns into scorched or they may flip yellow.

You want to take preventative measures to defend your billietiae from direct daylight even indoors. Keep the plant some toes farfar from sunny home windows and rather select to preserve it close to a north-dealing with or east-dealing with window.

Watering – Philodendron Billietiae Variegata

Billietiae prospers in wet soil. If the soil is just too wet, it can purpose root rot. It’s now no longer straight away apparent that you’ve been overwatering your plant or that its roots are rotting.

By the time you do see symptoms, however, it can be too past due to store your plant. Therefore, stopping overwatering and getting to know the way to water your philodendron billietiae correctly.

It’s additionally crucial to have the proper soil type, however extra on that later.

To preserve your philo from getting overwatered, you should take a look at how wet or dry the soil is whenever you need to water your plant.

If the pinnacle inch (up till the primary knuckle of your index finger) feels dry, you could cross in advance and water the plant. If the soil is wet, you want to test returned in some days.

Water till you notice water popping out thru the draining holes at the lowest of the pot. Allow extra water to gather withinside the tray at the lowest of the pot, then empty the tray.

With those easy rules, you could save you overwatering. On the alternative quit of the spectrum, don’t forget about watering your philodendron. Although it may do with a bit forget about, it can not cross lengthy durations with out water.

Soil Type

Good watering conduct pass hand in hand with a very good soil kind in order to assist hold your philodendron’s soil wet however now no longer moist or soggy.

For this purpose, I endorse well-draining soil mixes to your billietiae consisting of the ones containing peat, perlite, vermiculate. Soils wealthy in natural count number that permit water to effortlessly percolate.

Even aleven though those soil kinds drain fast, they maintain onto sufficient humidity to hydrate your philodendron.

Temperature & Humidity

The perfect sunlight hours temperature variety for philodendron billietiae is among sixty five F – eighty F. During the night, the temperature variety must live among fifty five F and sixty five F.

Indoors, it’s smooth to attain those temperature ranges. Outdoors, it’s now no longer. If your philo is ‘vacationing’ outside in the course of the summer, ensure it receives returned internal whilst the climate begins offevolved turning cold.

This isn’t always a cold- or frost-tolerant plant, so that you must keep away from exposing it to temperatures under fifty five F.

As some distance as humidity is concerned, your philo will thrive in common to excessive humidity. Indoors, humidity manage may be difficult, specifically if your own home is evidently dry.

Humidifiers or a pebble tray with water on which you could location your philo pot will assist boom humidity degrees and assist your plant to thrive.


Buy on Amazon »To get lush and colourful leaves, a piece of fertilizing can be wished. You can use a slow-launch fertilizer with macro-nutrients, each 2-three months.

Alternatively, a foliage plant fertilizer that’s balanced and diluted to a susceptible answer also can assist if carried out each four-6 weeks.

Best to apply the fertilizer handiest in the course of the developing season. As the plant does now no longer develop a whole lot in the course of fall and winter, it doesn’t want a nutrient spike as a whole lot because it does in spring and summer.

Potting & Repotting

You can develop this plant in a normal pot or putting basket. Repotting may be wished round each 2-three years. It’s vital for the roots now no longer to be compacted withinside the pot. This can purpose pressure to the plant and ring in numerous diseases.

You additionally want to repot to clean up the potting medium that the plant has been sitting in for years. It’s quality to agenda repotting to spring to coincide with the developing season.

How Do I Propagate My Philodendron Billietiae?

There are strategies you could use to propagate your philodendron billietiae — stem cuttings and air layering.

The easiest, and likely quickest, approach is to reap stem cuttings. Pick a stem reducing that’s round 2-four inches and has some leaves.

Cut the stem reducing under a leaf node and plant into wet soil. Keep the soil wet and hold the plant in a heat area that receives bright, oblique light.

Air layering entails getting the plant to root on a phase that you may later reduce away and plant. You want to create a wound into the stem that’s approximately 2 inches deep and is going as a hoop across the stem.

Keep the wound open with peat moss or a toothpick and wrap wet peat maximum across the wound.

Keep all of it in location with a string and a plastic wrap. In approximately 6-eight weeks, you must word roots forming. Once roots are seen you could reduce away the brand new plant from the mom plant.

Wrapping Up

Philodendron billietiae is understood for its huge leaves and mountaineering growth. It’s additionally a plant that calls for little maintenance as soon as it’s established.

The plant care suggestions above will assist you develop a wholesome philo plant that may thrive with out issues indoors.


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