Philodendron Atabapoense For Sale – Philodendron Billietiae x


Philodendron Billietiae x Atabapoense Hybrid

  • Common name: Philodendron atabapoense
  • Height: 20-50cm
  • Width: 20-50cm
  • Leaves: 2-3 leaves

A narrow leaves type of Philodendron, this particular type of plant will climb. Has reddish leaves on the bottom.

For similarly Philodendron care suggestions please go to our Philodendron care page.

Note: There is debate over whether or not or now no longer this specific hybrid definitely exists. This may want to doubtlessly be a unique shape of Atabapoense.

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Philodendron Atabapoense For Sale – Philodendron Billietiae x

This Philodendron Atabapoense For Sale – billietiae x atabapoense  is a part of a chain of philodendron that beautify a feature dragon like look in its leaves due to the bunny ears (lobes and sinus)! The tough round orange petiole is right now eye catching, and contributes to what makes this plant a declaration piece the older it receives, and the leaves get large and this billeting climbs higher! Established roots. Actively growing.

Philodendron Billietiae x

This plant is now no longer to be had for transport with inside the US Pyromania is a non-earnings, so your buy allows your community! Questions? Check out our FAQ or ship us a message!


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