Pachypodium Horombense for sale


Pachypodium Horombense  up to 60 cm tall with a remarkable caudex that can reach 50 cm or more. It grows at 500-1000 m asl in the Horombe plateau in southern Madagascar. It is quite easy in cultivation as it endures cold and hot temperatures in habitat.

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Pachypodium Horombense

Pachypodium horombense is a species determined in Madagascar and arid areas of continental Africa . It is likewise called Pachypodium rosulatum v. horombense. It is the queen of the Madagascar Pachypodiums, with many human beings agreeing that that is the maximum beautiful.

Cultivation and Propagation of Pachypodium horombense:

Pachypodium horombense is one of the maximum appealing species within side the complete genus that may be grown each indoors, in addition to outside in heat climates. It’s a slight grower and an excellent caudex may be gradually developed. In the winters it’s far deciduous, besides in very tropical areas. Pretty bloodless sensitive- supposedly vulnerable to rot if moist in wintry weather bloodless. It can be grown as a specimen amongst rocks and low-developing flowers in a warm rockery. It can also be grown in a heavy field at the sunny patio.


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