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Mugo Pine Bonsai Outdoor Tree Specifications

  • Medium Mugo Pine – 3 Years Old, 4-6″ Tall
  • Large Mugo Pine – 5 Years Old, 6-8″ Tall


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Mugo Pine Bonsai Outdoor Tree

The Mugo Pine Bonsai Outdoor Tree become first determined excessive with inside the mountains of Central and Southern Europe, and considering being brought to Denmark in 1798 it’s been very famous alongside the European Coast and amongst Bonsai fans throughout the globe.

Mugo Pine Bonsai Outdoor Tree are a majestic, hardy evergreen that hold their brilliant, lush foliage yr round. The slow-developing and compact parish inexperienced needles don’t want a great deal of maintenance, which makes this a perfect Bonsai for each novice and experts alike.

Shop 3 Years Old Bonsai Pine

Mugo Pine Bonsai Tree experience dwelling outdoors, however with good enough safety from each excessive warmness and excessive cold. Our Dwarf Hugo Pine is a super Outdoor Bonsai that’s each splendidly appealing and fantastically adaptable.

General Care of Outdoor Bonsai

In many methods, out of doors Bonsai may be simpler to appearance after, have greater scope for creativity and develop quicker than indoor species. Here are a few standard commands on being concerned for them.


All Bonsais want daylight, a few will thrive given direct daylight and different will tolerate a few shades (take a look at every species for greater information). Protect the tree for the duration of extended durations of bloodless weather. Either in a shed, beneath neath the cover of every other tree, or in an unheated greenhouse.


Watering is the important thing to preserving the bonsai alive. In dry spells’ water your bonsai often making sure that soil is damp however now no longer soggy wet

Pruning Shoots

Prune new increase often to hold the form of the bonsai. If you do not prune regularly, the tree will lose its form and grow to be straggly. Prune while new shoots develop, that is typically in Spring and Summer.

Pruning Roots or Re-potting,

Re-pot or root prune the handiest while the tree receives pot bound. Usually each or 3 years however, take a look at the species. Spring (Feb/March) is the pleasant time for repotting a tree. Prune sufficient roots off to make area for brand spanking new soil.


Feed as soon as a month for the duration of the developing season, typically Spring-Summer. Use liquid or pellet fertilizer (typically examine the label for commands)

Visit our FAQ web page for greater recommendation and take a look at out our YouTube Channel for tutorials and information.


Most Shipments of Trees are launched on Mondays and Tuesdays, handiest to keep away from being held in-transit over weekends. If excessive climate is expected, we may also put off transport your to assure a wholesome arrival; in one of these case, we can touch you.

We are transport residing timber and ought to take heed to the temperature situations to the transport address, as properly as, even as in transit. That said, we reserve the proper to preserve the tree(s) to assure wholesome transport. We will Hold Your Tree Until It is Safe to Ship.


*** This is a pricey Bonsai. We’ve probably been watering, fertilizing, pruning, and weeding this tree for an extended time. Once this tree leaves our facility, watering, fertilizing, and many others is past our control.

If you purchase this bonsai, we anticipate you are an accountable man or woman and which you recognize what you’re purchasing. THEREFORE – The Buyer recognizes and concurs that makes no warranties as soon as the Product leaves our nursery.

All One-Of-A-Kind Trees are indexed AND sold “as is”. Sales are considered final. No refunds or exchanges can be presented in any instance. assumes no duty for the fitness and welfare of the goods when they go away to our nursery. Please ask care questions previous to buying, in case you are unsure.


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