Monstera sp peru for sale


The Monstera sp peru for sale is the one in the picture. It is already starting to show some maturity to the leaves. This plant is rooted and growing in a 5″ pot. It will be shipped in the pot.

More Information
Hardiness Zone 10
Sun Requirement Partial Sun
Grows to 2-3′
Minimum Temperature Indoors 45
Plant Type Easy Grower
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Monstera sp peru for sale

Monstera sp. ‘Peru’ (additionally referred to as M. karstenianum) is a stunning hiking plant with particular bullate leaves with a view to make a super addition to any Monstera lover’s collection. This hiking aroid’s fantastically veined leaves will begin to fenestrate because it climbs better on a support.

Care of Monster sp. ‘Peru’:

Bright, filtered light.

Allow soil floor to dry among waterings.
Family: Araceae
This plant is sent as a unmarried reducing in a three inch pot.

monstera sp peru karstenianum


12cm pot, 25cm foliage, 9cm pot, 15cm height