Japanese White Pine Bonsai Tree – Imported Five Needle Pines


Dwarf Japanese White Pine Brown Needles Stats:

  • Height: 10.25″ from table
  • Spread: 5.5″
  • Pot: 4″ pot
  • Pictures taken November 24, 2021
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Japanese White Pine Bonsai Tree – Imported Five Needle

Exposed Root Japanese White Pines aren’t unique, however hardly ever are they tagged and quarantine in Japan for export. Luckily for us, we recognize the grower and have been capable to have some of them tagged. We imported this tree in January 2021, and it’s geared up for its all the time home. Now available as seedlings and trees for sale!

These are non-grafted uncovered root Japanese White Pines. They are eight years old. There aren’t any any different ones tagged, so that is it! It’s very highly-priced to tag a tree for export. In Japan, the tree should be registered for export, then quarantined. Then the complete export / import process (e.g. naked root, root washing, etc.).

Japanese White Pine Bonsai Tree

Also, Known as a Five Needle Pines, JWP is typically grafted to a Japanese Black Pine under-stock – however now no longer those uncovered root ones. It changed into grown with lots of love and interest for nearly 10 years. This tree changed into imported naked root In 2021. It changed into potted in our Premium Soil Blend in February 2021 and has long gone via a complete cycle at our nursery. No die lower back surprises.