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Features of the indoor bonsai fukien tea tree:

  • Medium Tree: 6″ – 8″ Tall / Age: 6 Year
  • Large Tree: 14″- 20″ Tall / Age: 12 year
  • Container: Pot color varies
  • Experience: Perfect for beginners
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Fukien Tea Tree Bonsai Indoor

This is a stunning Fukien Tea Tree Bonsai is An awesome indoor Bonsai tree, the Fusion Tea (occasionally called Cardona) loves warmness and may be grown outside in a heat climate.

This tree originated in Southern Asia and eventually have become a wildly famous Bonsai tree in China. The Fusion Tea produces small white plants in April and May. With a weathered, thick and gnarled trunk, this tree seems like a Bonsai should: a miniature model of an age-antique tree.

This Bonsai has the conventional form of an elderly tree and, even though it grows slowly and appears notable now, it’ll retain to broaden for years to come. This tree’s trunk has a suitable swaying form that helps a full, lush cover of foliage. Every bonsai is precise, and so we offer care commands written for the precise necessities of your bonsai tree.

While education a bonsai tree can be a chunk extra harder than worrying about a not unusual place residence plant, it in no way calls for a sophisticated “inexperienced thumb. ” Following some easy recommendations could make for a wholesome bonsai tree and satisfied owner.

Fukien Tea Bonsai Care Instructions


Most Shipments of Trees are launched on Mondays and Tuesdays, handiest to keep away from being held in-transit over weekends. If excessive climate is expected, we may also put off transport your lealiisubs.com to assure a wholesome arrival; in one of these case, we can touch you.

We are transport residing timber and ought to take heed to the temperature situations to the transport address, as properly as, even as in transit. That said, we reserve the proper to preserve the tree(s) to assure wholesome transport. We will Hold Your Tree Until It is Safe to Ship.


*** This is a pricey Bonsai. We’ve probably been watering, fertilizing, pruning, and weeding this tree for an extended time. Once this tree leaves our facility, watering, fertilizing, and many others is past our control.

If you purchase this bonsai, we anticipate you are an accountable man or woman and which you recognize what you’re purchasing. THEREFORE – The Buyer recognizes and concurs that lealiisubs.com makes no warranties as soon as the Product leaves our nursery.


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