Fringe Flower Bonsai – Outdoor bonsai flower fringe for sale


Loropetalum Chinese Flower

In May, the Fringe Flower explodes with vivid fuchsia pink honeysuckle-like blooms. The deep purple foliage makes this bonsai attractive throughout the year.


Fringe Flower – 3 Years Old, 8-12″ Tall

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Fringe Flower Bonsai – Outdoor bonsai flower fringe for sale

Loropetalum Chinese is typically called the Fringe Flower Bonsai. Native to the tropical regions of Asia, this precise evergreen has small burgundy colored leaves that flip inexperienced as they mature. It is a famous decorative plant, grown for its prolific clusters of flora and deeply colored foliage which could incorporate diverse inexperienced, copper, red and pink tones.

Outdoor bonsai Fringe Flower Bonsai

The Chinese Fringe, that’s a relative of the Witch Hazel, produces its flower clusters within side the spring. It likes direct or oblique mild and is bloodless hardy in temperatures simply above freezing. The exfoliating bark on mature timber is maximum attractive. Our Chinese Fringe is a pink-flowering range with leaves various from bronze-pink whilst new to olive-inexperienced or burgundy whilst mature, relying on developing conditions.

It produces aromatic pink ?

fringy? flora in early spring.

The foliage is burgundy whilst the temperatures are moderate after which flip in most cases inexperienced throughout the warm temperature of summer. Pest loose and hardy, the Fringe flower is an ideal Bonsai for a amateur and could pleasure its proprietor with ample flora which might be stunning and unique.


*** This is a pricey Bonsai. We’ve probably been watering, fertilizing, pruning, and weeding this tree for an extended time. Once this tree leaves our facility, watering, fertilizing, and many others is past our control.

If you purchase this bonsai, we anticipate you are an accountable man or woman and which you recognize what you’re purchasing. THEREFORE – The Buyer recognizes and concurs that makes no warranties as soon as the Product leaves our nursery.

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