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  • Origin: Colombia
  • Growth habit: Epiphytic
  • Special feature: Red abaxia with striking veining.
  • Root Stage: well-rooted
  • Leaf Texture: velvet, dark
  • Mature leaf size: upto 2ft


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Philodendron Luxurians

The Philodendron Luxurians are best indoor flora. These flora are acknowledged for having huge and heart-formed leaves. The leaves are darkish inexperienced with a velvety and stupid surface, giving this plant an captivating appearance. The pale-reddish leaf and bright, thick yellow-white leaf veins offer it with elegance.

Philodendron Luxurians is a unprecedented plant species belonging to the Araceae own circle of relatives of the plant world. This awesome foliage calls for right care and attention, and thus, it’s far a high-renovation plant. In this article, we can talk this uncommon Philodendron species. We will likewise discover approximately its critical necessities and the way to increase it inside.

philodendron-luxurians-careCharacteristics of Philodendron Luxurians

Scientific Name Philodendron luxurians
Common Names Philodendron “Chocó” or P. gloriosum “Terciopelo Redondo”
Tribe Philodendreae
Genus Philodendron
Family Araceae
Habitat Chocó, Colombia


How to Care for Philodendron Luxurians?

Philodendron Luxurians grown indoors, it’s miles crucial to discern out a way to attention on them.

Lighting Requirements

This Philodendron species desires medium daylight to preserve up its affordable boom rate. Direct Scorching rays may be harmful, so daylight have to be diffused. The most fulfilling daytime required for Philodendron Luxurians is set 14 hours.
The best region for the location of this plant is a gap this is 6 ft far far from a window. Southern home windows aren’t endorsed due to the fact they obtain an excessive amount of direct daylight all day.
Suppose you need your bush to be very lush and spectacular. In that case, it’ll must be supplemented with fluorescent lamplight. Philodendron Luxurians expand inside the ordinary variety beneathneath fluorescent lamps.

Watering Requirements

Philodendron Luxurians is nearby to the rainforests of Ecuador and Columbia, and that means it receives a ton of water due to the non-stop downpours there. When advanced inner, you can’t water it plentifully like in its nearby environment. This plant doesn’t have as extraordinary a wind movement and depleting soil inner as withinside the rainforests to ingest all of the water. So over-watering can result in root decay with out a great deal of a stretch. You must water this plant after an afternoon or in summer. Then again, the dust receives a few margin to dry at some point of winters. Hence, you must water this plant simply as soon as weekly.


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