Philodendron giganteum 'Variegated'

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The maximum leaf size for Philodendron Giganteum from scientific information available is 190cm x 96cm (76 x 38 inches), and it’s expected to be the largest big leaf philodendron.

Its less popular cousins, like Philodendron maximum from Ecuador, have leaves that reach the size of 165cm (5.5 feet), and Philodendron gigas from Panama can grow to 125cm (4.1 feet) in length.

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Buy Philodendron Gigantism Variegated

Features of Philodendron Gigantism Variegated

Philodendron Giganteum or sometimes called the giant Philodendron has rich green heart-shaped leaves, which are whole and not pinnated (leaves on both sides of the stem).

There is a pronounced, lighter-toned midrib with veins extending to the edges on the underside of the large, green leaves. This offers a hint of variegation that makes it more attractive and sought after in today’s market.

The rare variegated version of this species, Philodendron Giganteum Variegata, is a horizontal climber with beautiful chimeric variegation. It costs about three times more than its unicolored cousin.


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