Buy Philodendron Domesticum Variegatum (Spade-Leaf)


Philodendron Domesticum is a smooth to take care of and lovely plant. It can develop in doors, exterior and in tropical terrariums. Loves brilliant oblique mild and humidity. Also referred to as spade leaf philodendron or burgundy philodendron, Its arrow-formed sleek leaves emerge as 22 inches lengthy and nine inches extensive whilst mature. This one is in a 4″ growers pot, with 1 boom factor and seven leaves.

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Buy Philodendron Domesticum Variegatum (Spade-Leaf)

The famous sorts of Philodendron Domesticum Variegatum are climbers and non-hiking varieties. The climbers, are ideal to the common room so long as you offer organization guide for the stems. The hiking Philodendrons produce aerial roots from the stems. Most of the non-climbers are able to developing into titanic plant life with big, deeply lobed leaves. These are extra ideal to homes with big open spaces.

How to Care for a Philodendron Domesticum

Bright oblique mild will preserve this plant developing strong,Allow the topsoil to dry to touch among watering, water thoroughly, permit extra water to empty farfar from the pot.

Average warmth is required, now no longer much less than 55F in winter. Philodendron x domesticum is concept to be an synthetic hybrid species of Philodendron, and isn’t discovered withinside the wild. It has inexperienced arrow formed sleek leaves and is generally grown as a residence plant.


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