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  • Botanical Name — Leuchtenbergia principis
  • Common Name — Agave Cactus, Prism Cactus
  • Plant Family — Cactaceae

3” Pot

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Leuchtenbergia principis is the only species of the genus Leuchtenbergia, it’s miles a completely unique searching cactus with very lengthy tubercles, making the plant resemble an agave. It is slow-developing however can sooner or later develop as much as 70 cm high.

Plants are proven potted in 6 cm rectangular pot. Same length flora may be despatched as proven. seed grown flora.

General Information about Leuchtenbergia Principis

Its call become selected in honor of Duke Maximilien of Leuchtenberg, a passionate botanist. Despite its long, triangular-phase leaves very just like the ones of the Agave, it’s far taken into consideration in this situation to be a Cetacea, which, despite the fact that it could appearance very special in appearance, is taken into consideration carefully associated with the genus Ferocactus.

Commonly called “prism cactus”, due to the form of its leaves, its cactus essence is particularly found in its foliage, that is green-glaucous, organized in a rosette and geared up apically with areoles and spines of a papery consistency.

It has an exceptionally decorative and specific aspect, however in summer time season it’s far even greater brilliant with its important flowers, which shadeation your areas with petals, shaded from yellow to reddish, very putting and decorative!

Cultivation of  Leuchtenbergia Principis Flowers:

The soil ought to be a mixture texture, well-tired soil. The cactus likes complete mild solar publicity, so for the duration of the spring-summer time season you need to position the plant outside to advantage from publicity to direct solar mild.

During the wintry weather, you ought to vicinity the plant interior due to the fact increase has bogged down at temperature underneath 5 °C, despite the fact that it withstands brief durations at -8 °C. Despite its habitat being the desert, the cactus resists massive quantity of rain, however despite the fact that we ought to now no longer exceed with irrigation.

You can water as soon as every week for the duration of the summer season and prevent the water for the duration of the wintry weather. Remember that an excessive amount of water reasons root rot, and too little water reasons tip wilt. A deep pot is suggested for this plant due to its lengthy roots and be careful with them while repotting.


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