Live Plant Delivery Guarantee

We guarantee that your plants will arrive in good condition and are properly identified as best we can, sometimes a proper ID is not possible, we generally go by the names on the plant we we get it and what ever we can find out in literature and on line. Sometimes plant names can be very confusing, but we update as we get new information.

 A few yellow leaves are a natural occurrence in the shipping process. Some plants ship better than others, if there are issues with a specific plant it will be noted. Please contact us immediately if a plant arrives in poor condition.  We want the opportunity to counsel you immediately on it’s care and possibly contact the shipper for compensation if damage appears to be their fault.  We cannot replace plants that arrived in poor condition unless notified immediately or plants that have been in the customer’s care for more than a week after arrival.

Sometimes, a perfectly nice customer and a perfectly wonderful business, for whatever reason, just aren’t a good match.  If we feel that, based on a previous transaction, that we will not be able to make you happy, we do reserve the right to refuse future orders.

Refund Policy

  • The most priority if a plant is damaged or dies is replacement of a new plant. With the condition that shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer.
  • Refund is 100% of the price of plants replaced, we do not refund phytosanitary fees and shipping costs.
  • Must include clear video and photo when opening the package as evidence, and send the file to our email.
  • Cancellation of transactions is only approved before delivery occurs. If the request for cancellation of the transaction is after 24 hours of payment, we will refund the buyer’s money excluding phytosanitary fees.
  • Buyers don’t criticize on social media. If you have this, the refund process will be more difficult and maybe we will not refund.